24 February 2014

Lace, Doilies and cups of tea…

I own some plates and cups from Australian brand Robert Gordon and they are some of my all time favourite pieces at home.

I had saved up my pennies and purchased them from the retail shop I used to work at during uni which my sisters used to call the 'nanna' shop as it sold all things floral, pretty, lacey and lots and lots of doilies.  I had lots of fun working there and this was years ago when doilies were super uncool and before they were featured in every other wedding blog.  I think I have always been a bit of a nanna at heart :)

The crockery has followed me on all my adventures - from uni, to starting my career and moving out of home and today here in Singapore.  Not expensive or fancy but they hold such fond memories and I always love having a cup of tea or coffee out of them.   I don't think I will ever be able to throw them out.  Seems a bit silly to be so sentimental…

In any case, I was delighted to see one of my favourite design blogs, The Design Files, run a lovely story on the family behind Robert Gordon and their business.  Definitely worth a read.  Check out the Robert Gordon website for yourself to see all the pretty stuff.  My pieces (which are now discontinued) are from the Liberty range.  If only they shipped to Singapore…

10 February 2014

The Business of Fashion: Porter

I am an avid reader of the Business of Fashion blog and it certainly has come a long way since I first started reading it a few years ago.

It is not really a blog anymore but part blog, part magazine and part trade publication.  The site gives you a wonderful insight into the world and business behind the luxury fashion industry by aggregating fashion news and generating its own meaningful content and analysis.

Fashion is not just about frivolity, creativity and fashion weeks. There is a real business and billions of dollars behind it.  This site combines them both which I think is why I find it so appealing.

As an example, take a look at the below interview with the Net-a-Porter Group about their new global print magazine, Porter which only launched a couple of days ago.    It is an in depth discussion with three women leaders about their business model, strategy and the value proposition of their new initiative.  This is not your everyday fashion interview folks.  Quite long but have a watch if you, like me, love your fashion but also love hearing about what interesting people are doing out there in the business world.

I know the interviewer is skeptical about the launch but it isn't stopping me from buying a copy for myself...

08 February 2014

Like Father Like Son..

I just returned from a flying visit to Tokyo for work.  Such an amazing city and still one of my all time favourite places in the world.

I took a day flight home which was a little indulgent for a work day... I think being on a plane is one of those few times in this day and age when you can truly 'disconnect' from the world (although I know some airlines are now offering wi-fi).  I spent a lovely 7 hours on my own watching movies, eating, reading and sleeping.  It's been ages since I have done that!

I flew with ANA so they had a great selection of Japanese films and one caught my eye.  It's called "Like Father Like Son" and I loved it.  I cried.  The film picked up the Jury Prize in 2013 at Cannes and is a story about two families whose sons were switched at birth.  The film so beautifully deals with themes such as nature vs nurture and family dynamics.  As a parent, I think it definitely affected me more than it would've if I had watched it pre-baby.  Regardless of whether you are a parent or not though, I recommend you find it and watch it!

13 January 2014

Of pinning and pretty things...

After lots of talk about a friend's Pinterest board at a dinner out last week, I realised I hadn't pinned in ages and decided to revisit my Pinterest page tonight.  I had forgotten how much I enjoy finding lots of pretty things that inspire me - whether it is food, fashion or design.  

My new year's resolution is to make more time for exercise and holidays but I think I will extend it to just making more 'me' time.   Even if it is just an odd spot of pinning here and there.   Working full time and juggling family and life in general has me feeling awfully busy at times so I need to remember to take a step back and take some time out every now and then.  This is what I found to inspire me this evening... 

A gorgeous romper for the little lady: 

The perfect cheese board for our next dinner party / "wine and youtube" night: 

Pretty blue vignette featuring the bubby's favourite fruit:

This cape! (no words!):

Work outfit inspiration - a gorgeous pairing of neon, tweed and statement jewels: 

More at my Pinterest page 

08 January 2014

Labels against Women

Gender stereotypes are definitely something I come up against being a full time working mum in a senior leadership role at work (I have touched on it in a previous blog post).

However, as much as I could write about it, I think the below Pantene ad* sums it up and illustrates it brilliantly.  It shows just how differently the same actions can be viewed.

Such a powerful message. We need more of it.

*although I can't say that it will make me go out and convert to Pantene shampoo.... 

18 December 2013

Bauble Bar

I have been seeing a lot of Bauble Bar hashtags on instagram lately so I was intrigued and decided to check them out. Their concept is simple.  An online store for affordable and on trend fashion jewellery. They have some gorgeous things!

I spent a fair bit of time browsing their site tonight but what definitely caught my eye was their embellished tortoise shell collection.

I love the contrast - a wonderful pairing of vintage inspired sparkly gems and the classic tortoise shell. Now to decide on which pieces...

10 December 2013


It has been a super long hiatus... I have been meaning to pick up blogging again but life has gotten in the way. I really need to make the time though as I do love having this little space in the big wide world.  

So I thought for my return post I would write about a piece of furniture I have been coveting for a while now - the Peacock chair.  I do love a good chair and this one has me smitten.

[image credits: here, here and here]

Recently in the furniture stores there seems to be lots of clean lines / scandinavian / japanese / 'modern classic' type furniture doing the rounds so it is nice to go back to something a little bit more bohemian, eclectic, freespirited and certainly dramatic.  I think it is just.so.pretty.

I am tossing up between a white one or turquoise one for the little one's room (just need to make a decision on colour!).

18 August 2013

Elettra's goodness

I LOVE cooking shows.  I don't know what it is about them but I find them so relaxing.  

Today I chanced upon a new cute cooking series 'Elettra's Goodness' hosted by Elettra Wiedemann on the Vogue youtube channel.   The episodes are short (less than 5 mins) so it is a nice change to the usual cooking show format which often focuses on stepping through each recipe ingredient by ingredient.  

A couple of episodes are up already and they feature Elettra cooking and chatting with various celebrities including Karlie Kloss, Seth Myers, Grace Coddington and Blake Lively.  

The Blake Lively video is one of my favourites so far.   The brie wrapped in puff pastry dish that she makes looks heavenly (but then again I could eat anything wrapped in puff pastry!!).   She just seems really cool and sweet and nice.  Go take a look on this lazy Sunday x

04 August 2013

Red Dot

Unfortunately Singapore has a bit of a lacklustre reputation for being boring, sterile, uncultured... especially in comparison to other Asian developed cities like Hong Kong + Tokyo.  Yes it is true that the vibe here is different to those other cities, but I think Singapore is definitely coming into its own and a lot has changed (even in the 3 years I have lived here).

To get an idea of some of the creativity out there, check out lilreddotfolks. A bit like the Selby, this neat little blog gives you insights into the worlds and homes of some of the inspiring and creative peeps who call this island home.

30 July 2013

SS13 Bianca Spender

Since we have been living in Singapore, I am not as up to date with some of my Australian fashion so it was lovely to have a little reminder about what awesome stuff is coming out of there.

The little reminder came by way of Zoe Foster Blake's beauty blog, Fruity Beauty (it is excellent).

I was reading a post about her gorgeous wedding and eyeing off the beautiful bridesmaids' dresses from Bianca Spender.  I have known about Bianca Spender for ages but it did prompt me to have a little dig around her website....

The new season collection is gorgeous.  I am totally in LOVE with the first outfit.  That jacket!  Those shorts!  Those colours!


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